Wipe out Homophobia and Transphobia day

Certain portions of our society condemn homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism. Some even go as far as condoning violence against those who are of "alternative lifestyles". A lot of this is done in the name of religion.

Yet I must ask, what about God's commandment to love one another?

I must also ask, where is all this hatred coming from? Some say it is because heterosexuals feel threatened by homosexuals. I've never understood this. Why do they feel threatened? How are they threatened? Do straight men feel like every time a gay man looks at him that the gay man is about to molest him? How is that different from a straight guy looking at a woman? I really wish someone would explain this one to me.

We are supposed to be one nation. We're not. The hatred and intolerance is ripping this country apart. Senseless hate and violence. People being maimed or beaten, sometimes to death. And for what reason? Because they were born different.

For those that claim that homosexuals choose to be that way, let me ask you this. Did you choose to be heterosexual? No, you didn't. Homosexuals didn't chose to be that way either. The only choice they made was to no longer hide who they are.

People are who they are. Let's stop hating in the name of religion or family values (of which hate is not one) or any other reason. Instead, let's embrace the diversity. Who knows what great things we might be able to achieve!

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